Meet the Team

Tye Riter, Lead Pastor.  Pastor Tye has been in ministry for over 20 years.  He simply explains the Bible and shows us how it relates to our life today. For a more detailed bio, click here. 


Ben Crane – Worship Leader.  Ben is a gifted song-writer and singer and leads Generation Worship, our multi-generational worship team with excitement, enthusiasm, and passion. Check out more on our band here.



Karen Rusin – Ministry Assistant.  Karen has faithfully held together the administrative side of Calvary for seven years.  She is a get it done gal.  If you have questions, feel free to email her at or call the church office at 561-488-2273.

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  1. Rock Mcilvain says:

    where do i purchase those shirts that say do what Jesus did offend religious people ? thanks, Rock

    • Tye says:

      Hi Rock,
      Thanks for your interest in that shirt. That was a concept shirt that our graphic artist put together. We haven’t actually made them yet. He comes up with all sorts of ideas. But if we have enough requests, we may get them made. Please check out our podcast to understand what we mean by it. Thanks for your interest!

  2. Tim Sperty says:

    Hello Tye,

    I met you at Star Bucks a week ago with my friend Jorden. I was
    wanted to get your email address and stay in touch.


  3. Dick Paske says:

    Glad to hear and see that you and Dave Hall have merged to “reveal” God’s Word to those who are interested, and yes, even to those who are not.
    Are you meeting on Wednesday evenings??? I may have opportunity to visit, and get blessed at that time. Thanks, Your brother in Christ Dick Paske

  4. Dick Paske says:

    Wanting to make e-mail contact with Pastor Tye. Enjoyed the meeting last night( Wednesday ) at Reveal Fellowship. Appreciated the worship, praise, and teaching of Pastor Dave, and have read and listened to the last two teachings, (June 2 and June 9) and dialogue concerning the merger…..I have a couple questions re the scripture 2 Corinth 3 : !4-18 as to how it relates to the merger, if it does… Both Pastor Dave and Pastor Tye have taught some on that verse, and I believe I get it, but not sure what it says about the merger….No hurry, just whenever… I want to stay in touch with Reveal Fellowship….. Thanks, Dick Paske

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