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pastor tye

pastor tye

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  1. Allen Tanzer says:

    Dear Pastor Riter:
    Thank you very much for presiding over the Yom Hashoa commemoration yesterday in Sanborn Square. You were magnificent, and the program and all presenters were great! My wife and I, and the two other couples who were with us, have been attending Yom Hashoa ceremonies for many years. But, we all agreed, this was the most memorable. And, the reason for this was the Christian dimension which you and your Christian colleagues so ably provided. We found it very heartwarming. Thanks again.

    Allen Tanzer

    • Tye says:

      Thanks so much for your kind words. We were pleased with the turnout and I was blessed by everyone’s participation. It was very moving to hear from each speaker and then hear from people afterward as well. Thanks for coming and I hope you will help us reach even more people next year. The message needs to be heard, Never Again!

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